The Institute is also a professional membership body that promotes professional-ethical standard and supports volunteers and members to be more proficient in the discharge of humanitarian and non-profit services.
It provides a wide range of membership opportunities for those in the field of Humanitarianism and other interested members of the public who are directly or indirectly involved in human development and social welfare.


This membership category is open to youth Corps members and students from Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics or other higher institutions; graduates and undergraduates that have interest in humanitarian cum social services and thus want to become professionals in the field. Applicants must be within 16-25years.
Application fee: 5,000 Registration and Certification fee: 5,000


This category of membership is for Chief Executive Officers and Managers of business organisations, Permanent Secretaries, Directors of relevant ministries and parastatals, Officers in charge of corporate social responsibilities of organizations, Head of school, Senior Lecturers, Clergy men, Legal Practitioners, Media Practitioners and Politicians with not less than 10years working experience. These group of people are indirectly providing humanitarian services. At least Bachelor’s degree certificate is required or other recognized qualification.

Application fee: 10,000. Registration, Induction and Certification fee: 10,000


This membership category is meant for those who are
directly providing humanitarian and social services to people and communities; they include
but not limited: Head of NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, CDAs, Missionaries, Individual
Philanthropists, Volunteers, Programme Managers, Nurses and Doctor with at least 5 years’
experience in the field and a master’s degree certificate or other recognized higher
certificates. Graduates of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development or
associate member who upgraded their membership upon completion of a prescribed course
can be qualified for it or any other person considered fit by the Governing Council of the
Institute for such awards.

Application fee: 10,000. Registration, Induction and Certification fee: 15,000. Membership
conversion from Associate to Full Membership: 5,000.


This category of membership is opened to organizations and government establishment that believe in the vision of the Institute and must have direct or indirect contributions to humanity. It provides a platform for partnership and mentoring of smaller organizations working in the development sector.

Application fee: 10,000. Registration and Certificate fee: 20,000


This honour and membership category is strictly awarded to distinguished Scholars who have put in years of experience; contributed resources, research & publications or made significant impact in advancing the course of humanity and are said to have verified track records in National or international development without questionable characters. 3 types of fellowship exist:

1. Honourary fellowship

2. Fellowship by research (research fellows)

3. Professional fellowship (by membership progression).

Application fee: 10,000 Membership Registration; Induction, Gold medal and certificate: 250,000. While conversion fee from Full Membership to fellowship upon examination is 150,000.


1. Recognition and certification in the development sector both locally and internationally.

2. Enhancement of members’ capacity on social works and non-profit activities. 3. Exposure to key actors and stakeholders in the development sector.

4. Opportunity of making impact in the lives of people.

5. Opportunity to learn and participate in programmes both locally and internationally.

Personal Development And Empowerment

We instill professionalism, efficiency and value

Prof. Mkpa A. Mkpa

We employ knowledge driven teaching, research and practical works to produce highly qualitative graduates as social development practitioners; social networkers; instructors and administrations of social and non-profit services.


We offer professional courses on humanitarian and non-profit services, conduct professional examinations and recruit professional members and volunteers

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