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The Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development endeavors to provide quality technical education in line with the requirements of today’s competitive industry and fast paced technological
It is imperative to state that in this part of the world, particularly in Nigeria, there is no institution dedicated to the training of non-profit and humanitarian services providers in the country either at the academic or professional level. For example, in the United States of America, there is the University of Connecticut where Humanitarian Services Administration is offered as a course even at the Post Graduate level. There is also the Humanitarian Resource Institute and the Humanitarian University in America; same is applicable in other advanced countries of the world, but regrettably this gap has continued to exist here in our own society prior to the birth of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies & Social Development (IHSD).
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Today, the world faces humanitarian crisis of increasing complexities and severity and even as we anticipate our vulnerability to global events, the need for expertise and research dedicated to finding solutions to humanitarian challenges has never been more pertinent.

Therefore, training institutions represent a large resource that can and should be harnessed to support humanitarian endeavors.

However, the absence of a training and professional institution dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian services and quality capacity building on various developmental programs underpins a significant gap in our understanding of the sector as a whole which is one major factor militating against social development in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. We are talking about a sector where consistency cum ethical standard and international humanitarian best practices are almost non-existent; where several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have attempted to address their learning and capacity building needs based on their own interpretation and identified needs.

factor is responsible for poor programmatic cum managerial competence amongst Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which has contributed to inadequate funding, poor project out-put, poor coordination and inadequate information sharing strategies regarding various activities in the non-profit sector; as highlighted in a foreword contained in the ‘Directory of NGOs/CSOs, 2002’ and written by “Dr. Christian Voumard, UNICEF-Nigeria Country Representative”.

Some our people travel from here to Galilee Collage or the NGO Management School in Switzerland just to do a short course on NGO Management and related areas. Similarly, in Ghana there is the Civil Society Institute supported by Open Society Initiative for West Africa among other partners; they have been engaged in providing free and competitive training for people in West African Countries on Community Work and NGO Management related program. The above justifies the reason why the Institute was established to address the capacity needs of humanitarian and non-profit services providers in Nigeria as identified by the UNICEF boss.
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Through impactful training, we contribute to sustainable Social Development through manpower development and institutional capacity building in the social and non-profit sector.


We have become one of the best humanitarian & capacity building services providers. Our team has decades of experience working specifically with competent experts as trainers, researchers and programmers.
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“My experience at the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (IHSD) in 2017, is one I can never forget. It changed my perspective to life”
Stephanie Anthony Ndukwe.
Chief Editor, Monday Times
“The training courses helped me to develop more awareness and initiate strategies that help local communities in establishing self-driven projects.
Onyekachukwu B. Asadu, MIHSD.
Mechanical Engineer, Alumni 2015
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